Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Hannah Elizabeth Stillwell!

Jean's daughter Kelley and her husband Dave had a beautiful baby girl this July named Hannah Elizabeth Stillwell - she is so cute! Kelley's sister Amy came up to Washington to see her niece and to help throw her a baby shower with some people in my mom's ward (Jean's son Ryan was in town with his family, so his wife Kristina was there as well!) Kelley was nice enough to invite me to the shower so I could commiserate with her later about what some people are thinking. I mean, don't get me wrong, most of the clothes and gifts were adorable, but there were a few questionable pieces. She is a girl, I'm not sure how much she was really going to enjoy construction themed pajamas...

I took a few pictures at the shower - thanks for having me Kelley (and thanks for having Hannah, keep reminding her each and every day who her favorite Aunt is!)

Kelley just about to open presents.

Francine holding Hannah - I was scoping out when it would be my turn...

Hottie Boomalotties.

This is a bad picture, but here is Kelley and Amy.

Hannah and Cheryl (Jean's daughter-in-law Kristina in the background.)

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