Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Hannah Elizabeth Stillwell!

Jean's daughter Kelley and her husband Dave had a beautiful baby girl this July named Hannah Elizabeth Stillwell - she is so cute! Kelley's sister Amy came up to Washington to see her niece and to help throw her a baby shower with some people in my mom's ward (Jean's son Ryan was in town with his family, so his wife Kristina was there as well!) Kelley was nice enough to invite me to the shower so I could commiserate with her later about what some people are thinking. I mean, don't get me wrong, most of the clothes and gifts were adorable, but there were a few questionable pieces. She is a girl, I'm not sure how much she was really going to enjoy construction themed pajamas...

I took a few pictures at the shower - thanks for having me Kelley (and thanks for having Hannah, keep reminding her each and every day who her favorite Aunt is!)

Kelley just about to open presents.

Francine holding Hannah - I was scoping out when it would be my turn...

Hottie Boomalotties.

This is a bad picture, but here is Kelley and Amy.

Hannah and Cheryl (Jean's daughter-in-law Kristina in the background.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Honeymoon In Ellensburg

Conor and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on July 8th, and we wanted to make sure we did something fun and special since we were in Washington. It had been a while since Conor and I went to Ellensburg, and we decided it was time for a little trip down memory lane.

On our way there, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls because Conor claimed he had never been there before. As soon as we got there, he said "oh yeah, I've been here." Nice babe.

Snoqualmie Falls

This picture cracks me up - this lady offered to take our picture, and this is what we got. A really nice close up of the railing in front of her.

In the gift shop, we found some "virtual gifts" for my mom and Jean - virtual meaning "we're too poor to buy this for you, but I thought of you when I saw it."

Jean LOVES squirrels. They are his favorite little critter in the whole wide world. In fact, if you're reading this and you see anything squirrel related, feel free to buy it for Jean - he'd LOVE it!

Conor and I went to Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA together. While there visiting this summer, we made sure to go back to all the places we lived on and off campus, and we visited the buildings that we spent the most time in (but not until we stopped at Rossow's U-Totem for burgers and shakes, of course!)

I'm going to show you our buildings in the order that we lived in them, rather than the order that we saw them in. You're welcome.

Beck Hall - oddly enough, Conor and I were both placed in Beck Hall our freshman year, we just happened to have our freshman years one year apart.

Conor out in front of the building

Conor out in front of the apartment he shared with Fernando.

Their landlady was crazy, not the best apartment in the world.

Sophomore year I lived in Quigley Hall, Conor lived on the 2nd floor of Quigley Hall the same year as me.

When we were there this summer, Quigley Hall happened to be open so we snuck down the hall to see my room - and the door was open!

This is me reenacting the day I broke my toe on the door to Quigley Hall. I still remember it like it was yesterday, but I definitely didn't react like that. I was in such a state of shock, I didn't know if I should bend it back into place or pass out right in front of the door. Instead, I walked on it to go meet my mom in the parking lot, and as I burst into tears, my sister (pregnant with twins...) was waiting to pop out from the back seat and surprise me by coming with my mom to visit!

After Quigley Hall, Conor lived here in Stephens-Whitney with Chris Miller and a few super random, weird roommates. One of my favorite memories of Conor living here was when Conor farted right in Chris's face while walking up the stairs, and he made Chris barf. Twice. Oh memories.

While Conor lived in Stephens-Whitney, I lived in Barto Hall. I lived with Theresa Madison first while Megan studied abroad in Guadalajara, and when she got back, we lived there together.

This was obviously my favorite place to live - the Glasseys bought this house with plans of renting it to Conor, Megan, myself, and a few other friends, and with hopes of renting it out later if they could find good tenants. We lived with roommates from Megan's freshman dorm - Ashley Buchanan and Emily Borrow. We had some great times in that house! Unfortunately, after Bill and Ann sold the house, the next owners ripped out all the trees and paved everything in front! It lost some of the charm, but it's still cute.

After looking at our old dorms, we also checked out the buildings where we took most of our classes from.

Bouillon Hall - the journalism department (also known as the honeycomb building.)

Black Hall - the education department, it was one of the newer buildings on campus.

Walking around campus in the hot Ellensburg heat made us pretty hungry, so Conor and I decided to eat at Pasta & Co. Our pasta was pretty good, but the dessert was great!


See what happens when you actually smile - what a cute picture!

Dessert - creme brulee. Yum.

Thanks for showing us a good time Eburg, can't wait to come back again soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm sorry, your name is WHA?!?

Conor was only going to be home for 3 weeks, so we had to fit in as much as we could - the day after Corene's wedding, we went to a Mariners game with Bill & Ann since we don't get to go to many major league games anymore. Make that never. We never get to go to major league games anymore. I'm not bitter, I get a plethora of minor league games to choose from - lucky me!

Don't be fooled - this wasn't taken before the game started, it was taken during the middle of the game. NO ONE comes to Mariners games.

There's a new thing where you can text a picture of yourself and they will show your picture on the big screen. We're cute.

What was the score you ask? Don't know. Did the Mariners win? Probably not. Who plays for the Mariners? Besides Felix and Ichiro, I have no clue. I'm in it for the hot dog and kettle korn. And to see coaches with a name like Rusty Kuntz. You can't make that up.

Rusty Kuntz, base coach extraordinaire

Regardless of the score, we had a great time - thank you Bill & Ann for taking us to the game!

Like father, like son.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The DenHerder-Repnik Wedding

A few days after the 4th, it was time to make our way out to Snohomish for Corene's wedding to her perfect match, Dave Repnik.

This is the view in Snohomish at Corene's wedding site - Hidden Meadows. It was a perfect Washington day with a perfect clear view.

Conor and I met up with some of our favorite people - my mom, Jean, Peder, Macy, Tien, Horia, Caroline, Brandi, Heidi, Mary Fran, Ron Jon, BJ, and of course Corene, Dave, and Corene's beautiful family.

We all got there a little early to reserve a nice spot, and of course to be together!

My coordination is ridiculous. In a good way.

Mom and Jean sat right behind us.

After we took our seats, it wasn't long before the ceremony started. Corene and Dave did a great job of picking out their pastor - he did a wonderful job. The ceremony was really true to what Corene and Dave were all about, and it celebrated the two of them perfectly. He talked about how they met (at a rock climbing gym where Dave worked and Corene had a membership to), and how each of them knew that they had found something special when they met. The backdrop was beautiful, Corene and Dave were very happy, and we all got to be there to share her special day!

Here comes the bride! She was absolutely NOT fat and wide - Corene looked gorgeous, and was smiling from ear to ear the whole time (although, Corene is smiling 99% of the time...)

Have I mentioned that Corene is hot? And that she works out? She's a rock climber, which basically makes her the buffest chick I know.

Sneaking a peek at my bestest friends crying while watching their friend get married. Down the row from the right: Horia, Caroline, Tien, Peder, Macy, Heidi, and Brandi.

You may kiss the bride!

I think Corene and Dave are a little excited about being married!

After the ceremony, we took our seats and made sure we could all sit together (don't worry, we didn't ditch our parents - they were sitting at the table right next to us.) At the cool kid table, there was Cheryl, Conor, Brandi, Heidi, Horia, Caroline, Peder and Macy.

I apparently didn't look at this photo and decide I needed a lighter version of it, sorry Peder and Macy!


Heidi & Brandi

Conor, Cheryl, Tien, Heidi


After a yummy dinner, we heard speeches from Corene's dad, her sister, and Dave's best friend, then it was time for some dancing (which basically means I busied myself with other things so that I didn't have to dance.) It was really nice to just be with friends after being in NC for so long, so I took advantage of catching up with everyone.

Corene and Dave's first dance.

Barbara Jean Gordon, Evelyn DenHerder and Mary Fran Chapman cutting a rug on the dance floor!

"Hey Caroline, do you want to hop on this bad boy? I ski-doo." ~ Horia Dociu. He didn't actually say this, but it's something he would say, and he'll never read this, so therefore he'll never know.

No wonder I turned out so perfect - look at my hot mama!

Caroline is an honorary family member, so this is only fitting.

I honestly think this might be the best picture of any of us, which is why I love the random Brady Bunch style of the photo.

What a good looking group! Peder, Macy, Conor, Cheryl, Horia & Caroline.

I'm not quite sure why Peder is cradling a non-existent Macy baby...

Best friends since 8th grade!

Corene is the best. She even allows her dorky friends to make her famous dragon face on her wedding day. Thanks Corene, for not thinking we're losers. We just love you so much.

Which way to the weight room?

Congratulations to Corene and Dave, and more importantly, thanks for throwing such a fun party! I love you guys, and couldn't be any happier that you two have found each other, I think you two are perfect for one another! Here's to a happy life together!